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What we need to build a game

We need some good ideas to build a game
We need some good people build a game
We need some  good (amount of) money to build a game

…. and we need some (= a lot of)  time to find all those above.

Fortunately those things are attracted to 2 elementary aspects: knowledge and believe.

If we always learn and improve our knowledge
and share our strong believe – that we are capable of creating good game
Those will come eventually.

How soon?
It depends on how fast we learn, how fast we improve, and how strong is our believe.


Pic: wired.com

The Best Game Designer

They just need wind and a plastic bag to create a game, to share happiness!

Designing a good game is never about the technology, the effect, or the platform (media). What a game needs to deliver is a simple way to find our own happiness. It’s all about delivering experience to the player. It’s about providing path, models, and some time boundary to make sure that each player will find their happiness. But there is simple rule about happiness: it tastes much better if we can share it to others.

Therefore, I believe the best game designer is the one who can create a game that not only helps us finding our happiness easily, but also reminds us to share our happiness with other. Those 3 in the picture are some of them.